2008 Collection
The Year of the Election


"Yes We Can"
11" x 14" Acrylic

Be a part of history and proudly support President Barack H. Obama.
Display a signed and numbered limited edition print of this portrait with a portion of his
Nov. 4, 2008 Victory Speech
printed with archival inks on 16" x 20" enhanced matte acid-free paper.

President Obama owns a copy of this print.

Notecards, 5" x 7", $5 each.


Choose single or double box format.

"Hillary's Sisterhood of Traveling Pantsuits"
(Marching over Biased Chauvinist Pigs)
9" x 18" Acrylic on Canvas : OWNED BY HILLARY CLINTON


"Barbecue Bill"
16"x12" Acrylic

"Early Pork Barrel History"
16" x 20" Acrylic 

"Hawg Power"
16" x 20" Acrylic   $150  SOLD

"At the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet"  
18"x24", Watercolor and Ink drawn with a twig

This painting was selected for the MidSouthernWatercolorists 2010
juried exhibit held at the Arkansas Studies Institute, Little Rock,
and also for the year-long traveling exhibit


"Bright Bouquet"
15" x 22" Watercolor 

"Bison Bison"
12" x 16" Watercolor on Canvas 

"Arkansas Homestead"
16" x 20" Watercolor 

"Gulf Coast Clamming"
18" x 24" Watercolor 

Series of Fox Light Switch Plate Covers
By Commission, Order your favorite subjects, $5 to $10 apiece...these are all  SOLD

"Kayak Moonrise Over East Mt., Greer's Ferry Lake"
14" x 24" Watercolor      SOLD

"Good JJ" (Young Silverback Gorilla at Little Rock Zoo)
LARGE 20" x 30" Charcoal 


"Indian Rock Cave at Fairfield Bay"
18" x 24" Watercolor 

"Dogwood and Iris"
14" x 22" Watercolor SOLD

"Old Cabin at Indian Hills, Fairfield Bay"
15" x 22" Watercolor 

12" x 16" Watercolor 

"Music Man"
16" x 20" Watercolor

Three Mini Acrylic Landscapes at Fairfield Bay:
Indian Hills Creek (5" x 7"); Sugarloaf Mt., SOLD; Indian Rock Cave,
(both 6" square) acrylic stretched canvases, painted on sides

"Cheeky Orangutan" (Little Rock Zoo)
18" x 24" Acrylic 

"Arkansas Whitetails"
10" x 20" Watercolor 

"Prodigal Pig-Nic"
22" x 30" Watercolor 
Based on the Biblical story of the prodigal son, who spent all his money and was reduced to
eating husks with the swine. This painting was awarded honors as one of the
Top Ten art works in the juried Mustard Tree Arts Community Arts exhibit.

"Australian Rainbow Lorikeet" (Little Rock Zoo)
12" x 24" Acrylic   SOLD

"Ruby on Red"
9" x 12" Scratchboard and Colored Ink  SOLD

"Teddy and Duck"
12" x 16" Watercolor SOLD
Will personalize free with baby's name and birth date; 
or paint personalized pictures from YOUR toys (variable price)

" The Lost Sheep-Dog"
Heidi Is Protected and Loved
12" x 16" Acrylic    SOLD

"Ozark Cascade"
15" x 24" Watercolor SOLD


"The Star of Stripes" (Zebra at Little Rock Zoo)
16" x 20" Scratchboard   SOLD