2011 Collection

Mostly Ozark with a Little Whimsy

"Mt. Eagle"
20" x 16" oil painting
There is a mountain resort near here by that name, with a clear Ozark stream
flowing beneath the bluff.  It would be lovely to be a real eagle there. 

11" x 14" watercolor
 This one was a demonstration in a summer watercolor class I taught in Fairfield Bay. 

"Basket Case"
11" x 14" watercolor
A basket maker from Mt. View had cats who loved to curl up in his work.
They thought he made those baskets just for them! 

"A Flash of White: Ivory-billed Woodpecker" SOLD
11" x 14" oil painting
This is how I envision the first sighting of this near-mythical bird in the Big Woods...
it must have been so exciting to catch that glimpse of white wings! 

"Night Glow"
8" x 10" watercolor
I've done several of these red, white, and blue rural scenes with hay bales and cows.
It's so typical of many places, except the barns are fast disappearing to be
replaced by metal pre-assembled buildings. 

11" x 14" watercolor and ink
I painted the texture first, and that dictated what the details should be. 
This little bug just emerged from the sky! 

"Watering Hole: Can You 'Spot' the Leopard?"
12" x 16" Watercolor on Collaged Papers
This is another painting that began with texture applications, heavy papers that 
I glued, gouged, distressed, painted and spattered with watercolor.
The leopard took only a few brushstrokes
to bring out. Happy accidents are the best things about watercolor! 

"At the Checkout Line"   SOLD
14" x 20" Watercolor and Ink
This is the first in a series of aquamedia paintings that I did at our local Walmart store.
I like to sit on a bench and sketch...yep, these are all caricatures of "real" people I saw there.
Look for more...they are fun to do!

"Choctaw Barn" SOLD
10" x 20" Acrylic
I am lucky to be able to see this barn and others like it near my home. 
They look beautiful after a light dusting of snow.

"Civil War Captain"
11" x 14" Scratchboard
This drawing was done from an old photograph of my great-great grandfather,
whom I never met. He was probably around 50 or 60 in the photo I had of him. 
I wanted to show him as he might have looked in the Civil War, so
I got out my "artistic license", portrayed him younger, added 
muttonchops to his beard, and portrayed him in a Union uniform.
He was a handsome dude! He outlived several wives. NFS

"Cruci-Fried: Effects of a Hot Summer"  SOLD
11" x 14" Watercolor
Again, I applied texture first and let it suggest the subject.
Since it was such a hot hot hot summer, and I spent most of my outdoor time
in the lake, this is what resulted. 

"Encounter" SOLD
11" x 14" Watercolor
Best of Show in Watercolor at Arkansas State Fair 2011
I loved painting this one. It reminds me of the woods around our house, and
what surely happens to animals as they wander about, meeting one another. 

15" x 22" Watercolor
This is the first stage of a watercolor to which I later added glitter and mirrors
for more sparkle and color.
It reminds me of a ghost ship, hauling magical cargo, pilot ship at its side.
This one is still available in a print, 11" x 14" 

"View from My Studio Window"
11" x 14" Acrylic
Tall pines and a meadow of long grass entice deer and
coyotes to come near. The snow makes it all a fairyland. 

Gourd Birdhouses, Decorated Gourds
Birdhouses have holes that are sized for Carolina Wrens, the most
common wren found around our house. They have hangers attached
 and can be hung outside under eaves, providing protection from the weather.
Santa Claus is not a birdhouse; he looks fine just sitting on a mantel.

"Greers Ferry Lake"
15" x 22" Watercolor
There are so many islands and beautiful places to paint along the shores
 of Greers Ferry Lake...this view is from the lakeside park at Fairfield Bay. 

"Lineup" SOLD
12" x 16" Watercolor
I was inspired by a group of horses all standing in a row,
looking at the highway as I drove by.

"Indian Falls"
8" x 10" Watercolor, Ink, Glitter
Some people also call this place "Wild Horse Canyon". It's in Fairfield Bay,
just down the road from the Methodist Church. It's beautiful after a rain.
There's a bench there, or you can sit on flat rocks, and see and hear about 4 different waterfalls. 

"Up a Tree: Black Bear" SOLD
12" x 24" Acrylic
We do have black bears in the Ozarks and Boston Mountains. 
They're really cute, but don't feed them...

"Mt. Ranch Golf Course"
12" x 16" Oil
This is a plein aire painting in Fairfield Bay that I did with some of my art buddies.
One golfer was so serious about his sport that he proposed to his fiance
on that hole...

"Buffalo River Float Trip" SOLD
12" x 16" Acrylic
I love to do plein aire paintings on this river, almost as much as I love to kayak it.
It's a nationally protected waterway, and except after a rain, the water
is always a clear gorgeous green with brightly colored beautiful 
banks and cliffs, birds, fish, deer and elk. 

"Bison Bison: Remnant of the  Plains"
People's Choice
Fairfield Bay's Heritage Art Fair
12" x 24" oil painting
It's a remnant of my Kansas days; NFS.

"Pigs and Owls, Sooie, Oink"
Acrylic on Barnwood with Walnut Shell Noses
These little decorative barnwood boards are just for fun.
One won Best of Show in its crafts category at the State Fair.

"River Run"
18" x 14" Watercolor
Sort of a mood painting. I guess I was hoping it would inspire me to get out and exercise. 

"Cabin at South Fork Nature Center" SOLD
Former Home of Nationally-known Folk Singer Alameda Riddle
16" x 20" Oil 
This restored cabin is such a neat place to visit, just to contemplate what rural life
used to be. It has a woodburning stove and some kerosene lanterns and lots of 
natural objects inside, things to look at and learn from in nature programs.
The little outhouse out back has a compost toilet, a good example of responsible
waste management that can be done in everyone's home.

"Sugarloaf Mountain"    SOLD
14" x 18" Watercolor
This is a view of Sugarloaf in the spring, a plein aire painting done in Fairfield Bay.
Even thought this one's sold, I paint this scene frequently, and always have a one of these on hand, 
very similar to this one...perhaps in different seasons.
The island has a lovely national trail, and is a great hike; 
 the view from the top is spectacular!

14" x 11" Watercolor
This was a demonstration for a watercolor class 
in Fairfield Bay this summer. 

"Witching Hour"
11" x 14" Watercolor
The night sky somehow developed a witch among the clouds.  Even though
there's bright moonlight, I think the witch and muddy roads
will deter any travelers or trick-or-treaters. 

"Turtle Spa"
8" x 10" Ink and Watercolor
I guess this little guy could be part of my "someday" children's book,
continuing a saga of turtle travels...

"At the Local Cafe"
14" x 18" Watercolor
I did several versions from sketches at a cafe in Greenbrier. 
The scene shows locals discussing current events. 

"Coffee Plot"
14" x 18" Watercolor and Ink
A little more abstract, this version shows a more serious discussion.
Maybe they're hatching some kind of a plot! 

"Elvis  Would Have Eaten Here"
14" x 18" Watercolor
Same people, just a little different color rendition, abstract shapes added.
I emphasized the Elvis picture on the wall; he seems like part of the group. 

"Waiting by the Well: Pup and Heidi"
16" x 20" Oil
Oil paintings always take longer for me to do. By the time I 
completed this one, I saw a whole different set of flowers blooming!
Although this is an actual scene, it was a composite painting, 
done from three photographs as well as plein aire.  We have since
lost our little mostly-white squirrel dog, and our sweet-natured coon dog,
so this is extra special to me. Such good dogs. NFS

"Waiting for Spring: Great Blue Heron"
11" x 14" Acrylic
Our neighbor's pond was the setting for the heron, huddling against an unecptected winter chill.
Tops of the trees were golden from the"alpenglow" of the sunset,
but the upcoming night would be colder yet. 

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