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Prints/giclees may be available if the original is sold; e-mail to inquire.

"Arkansas Ivory" (Ivory-billed Woodpecker), watercolor, 15" x 22" SOLD 

"Brown Trout", Watercolor on paper,  7" x 10" , SOLD

 "Trout," Watercolor on paper, unframed, 7" x 10" SOLD , displayed at Lindsey's Rainbow Resort

"Going with the Floe" , Original, 12" x 16" Mixed Media, unframed, original NFS
Signed matted prints : giclee 14" x 18" on 16" x 20" archival paper, unframed
(This painting took "Best of Show" in the Van Buren County Fair, September 2007.) 

SOLD: "Pachyderm Parade", watercolor on paper, 16" x 36"
Signed giclee prints  available; they will fit poster standard size frames 12" x 36"

SOLD: "Who, Me?!" (Raccoon), Acrylic, 11" x 14"

"Lord God Bird", Watercolor, 15" x 22" $350 SOLD

"Jack", a commissioned dog portrait, acrylic, 9" x 12"  SOLD
Similar commissions from photos available; tell me about your dog's personality and how you want him or her pictured) 

"Rocco", (Jack's brother) a commissioned dog portrait, acrylic, 9" x 12" SOLD 

"Trout in the Mist", Watercolor, on paper,  11" x 15 " SOLD

"The Lineup", Watercolor on paper,  16" x 20"  SOLD

"Woodland Turkey", from our drive, Watercolor on paper, unframed,  15" x 22"
SOLD:  see 2010 Gallery, where more turkeys were added!

 "Red Fox", Watercolor on illustration board, 16" x 24" SOLD 

"Trumpeter Swan", WaterColor on paper, 15" x 22"
Also featured in my Alaska exhibit: these swans are the largest waterfowl in North American; they breed in Alaska, and some spend their winters in Arkansas.
This one was seen at Magness Lake near Heber Springs.)