2009 Collection
Variety Year:
Ozark life, portraits, florals, landscapes, underwater fantasy

"The Magic of Spring" (28" x 22" ) 
This full-size watercolor sheet displays many of the flowers that bloom in
our yard every March and April: daffodils, quince, grape hyacinths, violets, crocus, and more...

"Gentleman Bob", 11" x 14 1/2" watercolor portrait NFS
I was captivated by this outdoorsman's flowing white mustache. 
This portrait won Best of Show Watercolor in the 2009 Van Buren County Fair, and
blue ribbons at the District Fair and at the Arkansas State Fair.

"A photograph to me is always a reminder of how the person was on a certain day in that certain light fixed.
When I look at a watercolor of that same person, it seems to me alive, more open than a photograph."
(Francesco Clemente)

SOLD: "Steve's Cabin" 14" x 22" watercolor
This commissioned piece depicts a log cabin that my friend  built. I loved their azaleas and chickens...

"Pontoon Party", 9" x 11" watercolor $50
A plein air sketch done at the Fairfield Bay Campground on their grand opening day 

"The Jig Is Up!" 9" x 12" watercolor SOLD TO A MUSICIAN!
The joint is jumping! Age is no barrier to bluegrass participants!

"Williams Rocks in Fairfield Bay" 11" x 15" watercolor 
Caves, natural sandstone sculptures, dogwoods, ferns, a beautiful place to explore

"The flow of water and paint can be uncontrollable and crazy, but it is also freedom, an escape,
therapy, joy, and, oh yes, very sensuous! " Angela Lynch

SOLD: "Water Wonders"
Mixed Media: watercolor, glitter, ink, mirrors, 11" x 11"

"Don't Be Crabby" 11" x 15" mixed media, watercolor, ink, glitter, mirrors,
a fantasy fun picture SOLD

"Remember Me: Sea Turtle", 10 1/2" x 14 1/2" watercolor SOLD
A world of blue...The texture of this painting dictated the subject matter.
The sea turtle is endangered and is often used as a symbol of environmental concern.

"Nemo's Neighborhood", 14" x 11" mixed media, watercolor, ink, glitter, mirrors, and imagination

"Kinfolk", 9" x 11 1/2" watercolor NFS
This was painted from an old (1905?) photograph of five brothers, Bob's great-uncles who lived in the
Missouri Ozarks near Steelville. No one knows the circumstances.
(I think it was just a plain hot summer day before air conditioning and they had decided that a trip to the local
"crick" would cure that...It looks like they wore rags -- people didn't have many clothes back then -- and different kinds of footwear and kneepads or barefoot...Maybe they had been picking cotton,
or gardening, pulling weeds, picking strawberries, or? Any ideas?)

8" x 11" Watercolor NFS
Inspired by an old photograph of Bob's Great-uncle Tom, helping wife Rosella string beans from their Ozark garden

                                                                            "Peaceful Stream"
                                                                            9" x 16 1/2" Watercolor

Farm Scenes: 5" x 7" and 4" x 6"
My studio is full of little paintings like these on the left...
most are $10 to $25

                                "On the Rocks"
                                    14" x 22" 
                            This soft image shows springtime on a
                            seaside bluff lighthouse. 






"Flamingo Fling"

8 1/2" x 11"

This watercolor sketch was inspired by Little Rock zoo flamingos


"Rainbow" 6 1/2" x 11" and "Flyfisher" 8" x 11" watercolor  TROUT ON LEFT IS SOLD

"My Inner Mermaid Beckons" 6 1/2" x 14" Watercolor
She calls me to swim...and I do... 

"I Can See Clearly Now", 12" x 24" Watercolor SOLD
This distorted painting illustrates what it is like to see before and after cataract surgery. After one lens was replaced, my new "good" eye saw details, branches, birds, bright colors, the return of bright blue and pure white...the other eye awaiting surgery was blurred, distorted, and colors were dingy and yellowed. The difference was amazing. I was practically blind, and now I don't need ANY glasses! What a miracle! The painting hangs in Dr. Susan Blair's office as a reminder of what wonderful things she does for people...I am so happy I can see and paint again.

"Homeless"  5" x 11" watercolor on 300-lb. cold press paper 
I saw many homeless people in Washington D.C. and other urban areas; it's very sad.
Let's be thankful for our homes and beds.

"Snowy Field ", 10" x 12 1/2" watercolor 

"Watercolor is like golf, every stroke counts...." Katie Wood McCloy

"Optical Illusion" 9" x 12" watercolor 
I painted this of our laundry hanging out in the back yard.Ha!  Can you see something strange?
Not too noticeable but...Oops; the clothespole supporting the back line should be behind the sheet....I could correct it but it's more fun this way...

"Aspen Glade", 10" x 12 1/2" watercolor 

"Ozark Well", 11" x 14 1/2" watercolor" 
This old well is in our yard, a relic of history. The water is good, although we use city water. The bucket is long and thin because the hole is small; the Ozark rock is difficult to drill.  When I painted this from our deck, the blooming redbuds and the moss and lichen just glowed with the morning sun.

"I'll String Along With You", 11" x 15" montage, watercolor
Banjo uke, sheet music, Dixieland hat, garter, "my stuff" is infused with memories of playing piano
 with a banjo band called "The Fish House Five"

"Victorian Still Life"  11" x 15" watercolor SOLD


"Ornaments" 11" x 15" watercolor 

"The good watercolors take a lifetime -- plus a half an hour." Toni Onley