Statement and Resume







RE:JOYCE!  Hello! I am a painter working primarily in watercolors, but I also enjoy acrylics, gouache, ink, oils, photography, and scratchboard, depending on the subject matter. I paint a variety of mostly pleasant subjects and places that evoke happy memories to viewers: like some of the letters from my name, ‘Joy Art’. Some of my favorite subjects are nature, wildlife, landscapes, floral, figures and faces. My style is varied, from illustrative realism to abstract impressionism.


Sketching and photography assist me to be accurate in portraying objects, wildlife, and habitat. And being outdoors and actually experiencing the places I paint is half the fun!


Continuous inspiration for landscapes comes from beautiful natural surroundings and outdoor experiences. I appreciate earth’s amazing natural wonders and hope that viewers will also appreciate these increasingly limited natural resources. 


It’s truly beautiful in Arkansas, and I look forward to painting at Rock’n’Pine Studio as long as I can.




THE GOOD LIFE: I retired to Arkansas with my biologist husband Bob, where we live at “Rock’n’Pine Glades”, 45 acres of Ozark beauty in north central Arkansas. Surrounded by forests, lakes, and streams, many of my favorite painting subjects are nearby, including deer, raccoons, wild turkey, foxes, bear, coyotes, flying squirrels, many species of birds, and a continual succession of wild flowers and garden vegetables. I feel so lucky to live here!


BACK IN THE DAY: Art has always been important. Early childhood memories (as Joyce Hesse) in St. Louis suburbs include drawing Al Capp cartoons in the margins of my Lutheran grade school textbooks, learning to draw my first elephant from Aunt Hulda Hesse, and winning a city-wide poster contest in eighth grade. My first oil painting was the result of a gift paint-by-number kit; I ruined Mom’s bread board that I used as a palette, and did a terrible plein air painting of an angel sculpture in a nearby cemetery. Of course Mom said it was beautiful! In high school and college, I used pen and pencil to illustrate articles and do editorial cartoons for their newspapers and magazines. Dad wouldn't let me major in art, said he didn't want me to be a "starving artist" . I think his real reason was that when we visited Washington University, we saw a life drawing class exhibit. Nuh-uh, not for HIS daughter!


Later as a physical educator (okay, I majored in fun), wife, and mother of three in Frontenac and Pittsburg, Kansas, I continued my art when I found time, adding acrylics and watercolors to my repertoire, painting glorious golden wheat fields and wonderfully cloud-filled spacious skyscapes. When we moved to Pratt I painted full time and sold my work at art fairs; people especially liked my Barnboard Art, acrylic paintings of rural scenes on beautifully weathered barnwood. Bob helped me tear down an endless supply of old sheds and barns and fencing for art materials. By painting on barnwood, bark, stones, switch plates, and bones, I didn’t have to spend time framing; all I did was paint and sell. I learned a lot about technique. That was great!


I also did wildlife illustrations for various magazines, including Kansas Fish and Game, and wrote and illustrated freelance articles and columns, such as a weekly humor column called “Re:Joyce” published by the Pratt Tribune, and scuba diving features published in Skin Diver Magazine and Scuba Scoop. I donated large watercolors to Ducks Unlimited and other outdoor organizations for their annual fundraisers. I became a reporter and editor for local newspapers, and developed photography skills that would help me throughout my art career.


After buying our Arkansas property in 1996, a whole new world opened, so different from the brown and gold flatlands of Kansas. I didn’t know how to paint the endless parade of vividly colored wildflowers, or the layers upon layers of beautiful leaves and trees, mountains and lakes!


I brightened my color palette and honed new skills by painting daily, taking workshops, and learning from artist friends. After much practice and study, I now feel at home painting Arkansas landscapes. And a nice thing happened along the way: people still enjoy my work and buy it for their homes and businesses. 




Past career experiences have provided a wealth of influence:


1) WIFE, HOMEMAKER, MOM, GRANDMA, GREAT-GRANDMA: Three awesome daughters and two amazing grandchildren are all pursuing creative careers of their own in Texas, Arizona, and Oregon. Five beautiful great-grandkids!


2) EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATOR: Pioneer of the home office concept  (1983-1996) -- university and college consortium director, grant-writer, project director in then-cutting-edge areas of gerontology, sex equity, arts, family literacy, community and vocational education. Also volunteer school board member (8 years) and president (2 years). Part-time consultant and reviewer of federal grant applications for the U.S. Department of Education and other federal agencies, and facilitator of planning sessions for organizations.


3) FREE-LANCE ARTIST, WRITER, AND PHOTOGRAPHER: Illustrator, writer, magazine illustrator, newspaper editor, reporter, and photographer for Pratt Tribune and Cunningham Clipper (1975-78). Also was paid well for free-lance articles for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Arkansas's largest newspaper, based in Little Rock), Life in the Ozarks, Ozark Mountaineer, etc.


4) TEACHER: Physical education, art, aquatics (swimming, life saving, WSI, skin and scuba) and dance (ballroom, folk, modern); taught elementary, secondary (1956-65), university (1965-70); adult and continuing education at community college (1971-1985).


5) WAAAAAY-BACK-IN-THE-DAY: Avon lady on a bicycle; counselor at Hidden Valley Camp, a horseback riding camp in Washington forests; soda jerk at the YMCA Camp in Estes Park, CO, Velvet Freeze in St. Louis, and Old Faithful Lodge, Yellowstone Park.  Ice cream went a long way...


 6) SPORTS: Love tennis, table tennis, swimming, piano, canoeing, kayaking, camping (both wilderness and RV), clogging, biking, flying small planes especially Cessnas, scuba spearfishing and snorkeling. Hold state, regional, and national championships in both scuba spearfishing and table tennis. Today as I get older my favorites are swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, table tennis, walking woodsy trails and hunting for mushrooms. Won Arkansas Women's Singles Table Tennis Championship in 2012. Lymphoma diagnosis in 2019 and subsequent chemo and then the pandemic all put a pause on my annual competitions. But fun continues to be a goal. Life is an adventure!


Studied art in grade school and high school

A. B. Degree from Washington University in St. Louis; double major, Physical Education and Health, 1955

M.S. Degree from Pittsburg State University in Kansas, majored in Health, Physical Education and Recreation; minored in Art , 1968


Travels throughout 48 U. S. states; eight European countries (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxeumboug, Monaco, Italy); canoed in Quetico Wilderness and traveled to various cities in Canada (favorites are Montreal and Quebec); Cozumel, Yucatan Peninsula, and border towns of Mexico (best diving ever); visited art museums, sketched, and learned to appreciate other cultures.


Most influential art mentors

 Bob Blunk at Pittsburg State University developed my drawing habit 53 years ago (!) and I still carry those black 8 1/2" by 11" bound sketchbooks everywhere. Draw draw draw!

Mike Fallier opened my eyes and my heart to watercolor techniques in a workshop at Pratt Community College.
Jim Hamil taught me how to capture Kansas skies and prairie expanse in watercolor.

Sheila Parsons taught me about flowers and using Arkansas colors, getting me out of my burnt-umber rut.

Tony Couch encouraged work on basic design principles and symbolism using watercolors. I'm always quoting things he said in his workshop!

Bill Garrison shared the joy and techniques of plein air landscape oil painting, and Gloria Garrison encouraged the use of "soft edges" in more intimate watercolor subjects.

Mary Blaine shared techniques of plein air watercolor among beautiful Yellowstone Park mountain settings. Bob and Holly caught trout while I painted...ate fish every morning...Silver Gate, Montana, most fun workshop ever!

Ted Nuttall taught patience along with watercolor portraiture in Little Rock.

Richard Stephens encouraged planning of watercolor paintings using value sketches, and being a "loose woman." (using loose painterly techniques.)

Tim Tyler taught oil painting techniques; we all wish we could paint as realistically as he does...luscious colors and soft edges, painting from life...bliss!

Marlene Gremellion taught me to play and have fun, it shows in your work and you will learn new processes! And how to paint giant flowers realistically by blending colors wet-in-wet...pigment follows the water...

Jason Sacron taught me how to paint nocturnes and sunsets in oils...

Duane Hada helped me improve  my wildlife and fish painting techniques in acrylic and wateercolor.

My artist friends in the North Central Arkansas Artist League; whenever we painted together at Bayside Art Studio in Fairfield Bay and critiqued each other's work, it was so helpful and art family. And we usually had donuts or homemade cookies besides...


You can learn something new from everyone. I definitely believe in lifelong learning!



Juried Awards: (I haven't kept up with all them...sorry.....but here's some...) 

1st ("The Web") and 2nd place ("Bobbing on the Buffalo") watermedia, Conway League of Artist annual juried exhibit 2015, Conway. ; "Onondaga Queen" 

2nd place $150 juried award, Steelville, MO, 2015; "Onondaga Queen" 

1st Place Art for the Birds exhibit, Morrilton, AR, 2015, "After the Rains", Pileated Woodpecker. 

Four Steelville $500 purchase awards: "Homestead", 2016; "Red Bluff," 2014; "Good Morning Steelville" and "Dillard Mill", both in 2013.

Too many blues and Best of Shows to list all, in local, district, and state fairs, including 5 Best Of Show ribbons at the Arkansas State Fair. The portrait "Gentleman Bob" received first place, watercolor, Kansas State Fair, Best of Show Van Buren County Fair; "Grizzly Country", (see home page) won Best of Show, watercolor, at the Kansas State Fair 2008. The painting "The Red Umbrella" (aka "Bad Hair Day" and "Wind Chill") received first place in figural watercolor at the Kansas State Fair, 2008. 

"On the Edge" received 1st Place Mixed Media honors and a cash award in the Palette Art League Expo Exhibit 2010 in Yellville, AR. 

Signature status in MidSouthern Watercolorist Society,  from paintings "104 and Holding", "Sweet Strong and Sassy", "Bus Stop", and "At the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet" which were juried into the Annual MSW Exhibits. One was selected for the traveling show, and several sold. 

Two paintings were juried into the 2009 Mustard Tree Arts Festival; a snowy night scene of a church won awards and was sold. 

"The Red Umbrella" was juried into the Mid-Southern Watercolorists Juried Fall Exhibition  in Russellville at the Arkansas River Valley Arts Center from Nov. 28, 2007 to January 3, 2008. 

"Prodigal Pig-Nic", a large watercolor, placed in the Top Ten in Community Artist Division at the 2008 Mustard Tree Arts juried show held in Little Rock. Another acrylic, "Lost Sheep-Dog", was juried into the show. Other juried shows include the 2007 MSW Juried Show with “Bus Stop Buddies”, and the 2007 Jonah Arts Festival, sponsored by Mustard Tree Arts in Little Rock, where the watercolor “Special Delivery” was one of 11 Award Winners in the Artist Division of Mustard Tree Arts Jonah Festival. It was also purchased, and featured in a DVD with the Arkansas Symphony. Another watercolor,"Jonah's Thoughts", was selected to illustrate an article in the April 2008 issue of The Church Herald, a magazine with 20,000 circulation.


Special Awards: 2005 recipient of Artist-of-the-Year Award from the North Central Arkansas Foundation for Arts and Education. Also recipient of the 2005 You-Make-a-Difference Award from the North Central Arkansas Artist League. These awards are special to me, because they came from my peers.


Kansas Awards: Past awards in juried shows include purchase awards by Southwestern Bell Corporation in a Kansas statewide contest; best art booth at Walnut Valley KS Arts & Crafts Fair/Bluegrass Festival and also at the Indian Peace Treaty Pageant in Medicine Lodge, KS; best-of-show art at Kansas Community Art Guild, Wichita KS; purchase award by Alva Indian Museum, Alva, OK; best-of-show and blue-ribbon-winners at county and state fairs; etc.


Permanent Collections: Paintings are in permanent art collections of Ozark Health Medical Center (Clinton AR), Ozark Heritage Arts Center (Leslie AR), Alva Indian Museum (Alva, OK), Pratt Community College, and others. Hundreds of varied Hartmann artworks can be found in homes and business offices of public, private, political, educational and corporate patrons world-wide, and of course, friends and relatives.


Fun Award:  Remember “Gunsmoke”? I'm mighty proud to be a rootin' tootin' Honorary “Miss Kitty”, with a certificate and little red garter and tiny cap-gun presented in 1996 by the Mayor of Dodge City, Kansas. Yee-haw! The mayor said I received this award because I held so many meetings in Dodge City motels, and was so successful at fund-raising for all the colleges and universities in our Consortium! :D



I have a small booth in Shirley, AR, at the Vintage Red Rooster and RemAde Arts Gallery. Also, I currently exhibit at the North Central Arkansas Art Gallery in the Conference Center at Fairfield Bay, out of my own Rock'n'Pine Studio and Gallery, and at the Ozark Health Medical Center hallway galleries. 


Artisans Gallery, Fairfield Bay, AR (fine art framed paintings, gourds, animal paintings on Arkansas river rocks)
Art Attack, Ketz Gallery, Argenta Historic District in North Little Rock
Bayside Art Studio and Gallery, Old Town Fairfield Bay, Highway 330 and Greenwood (road to marina)
Clinton Museum Store by the Clinton Presidential Center, Little Rock, AR



Home studio: Rock’n’Pine Studio, Clinton, AR (hundreds of unframed and framed paintings, commissions, call 501-745-6615 for appointment)
Hart Center, 1 painting, Fairfield Bay

Physical Therapy Office, 5 paintings, Fairfield Bay


Not all are included, but here's a few:

Solo exhibit, Fairfield Bay Library, Oct. - Dec. 2020
"Mostly Local," First Security Bank, Clinton, AR 2015.
Surgicenter in Conway, AR, September-October, 2015.
First Service Bank, Clinton, AR, 2013.
"Down East and Back Home", Fairfield Bay Library, June and July, 2012

 White County Medical Center, E. Race Av., Searcy, August 3 - August 21, 2009

Greer's Ferry Bank, Greers Ferry, November 2008 through January, 2009

"Images of Alaska," First Security Bank, Clinton AR, July 1 - July 31, 2008. 

"Impressions of Alaska," Fairfield Bay Library, Fairfield Bay, AR, Nov. 15, 2007 to mid-January, 2008

Western Sizzlin' Steak House, Clinton, AR, 2006-2008

Bill's Cafe, Fairfield Bay, 2004-2007

"Faces and Spaces", Fairfield Bay Library, Fairfield Bay, AR, 2004

"Wildlife Images", Fairfield Bay Library, Fairfield Bay, AR, 2002

Community Gallery, First Service Bank, Clinton, AR, 2004

"My Life, My Art," Ozark Heritage Arts Center and Museum, Leslie, AR, 2001

Halstead Museum, Halstead, KS, 1978

Shepler’s Western Store, one-woman show and demonstration, Wichita, KS, 1977



"18 Paintings", Indian Rock Village, Fairfield Bay, AR, July - Oct. 2011, with fellow artist Judy Shumann

 "Alaska and More," Indian Rock Village, Fairfield Bay, AR, Jan. - Apr. 2008, with fellow artist Bonnie Hookman

"Arkansas Art,", Indian Rock Village, Fairfield Bay, AR, 2005, with fellow artist Ruby Krimm



Fresh Air Gallery, Clinton AR; 2006, photography exhibit (four nature photographers exhibited together)

North Central Arkansas Gallery at Indian Hills Country Club, Fairfield Bay, AR (twice yearly with NCAAL)

Fairfield Bay City Buildings, Fairfield Bay, AR (in offices, current, continual, changing, with NCAAL)

Fairfield Bay Senior Center, Fairfield Bay, AR (Tuesdays through Fridays daytime, with NCAAL)

Ozark Health Medical Center in Clinton, near cafeteria, (purchase at Gift Shop; exhibit open 24/7, with NCAAL)



 Produced and participated in the traveling art exhibit featuring nontraditional workers and titled “Side by Side”, funded by a Kansas vocational education grant, at Western Kansas Community Colleges: Pratt, Dodge City, Garden City, Colby, Seward County, Hutchinson, Cloud County, and Kansas State University, 1981


Demonstrated watercolor techniques to high schools, nursing homes, and other public institutions in seven Kansas counties, funded by a Kansas Arts Commission grant, 1980



 North Central Arkansas Artist League (Past President, Past Secretary, currently Exhibit Coordinator for Ozark Health Medical Center in Clinton AR and League Publicist)

Mid Southern Watercolorists, Little Rock
Conway League of Artists

Arkansas Arts Council

Past member and former President of art organizations in Pratt and Pittsburg, KS

Past member of Kansas Art Guild, Wichita KS

Past member of North Central Arkansas Foundation of the Arts and Education



Illustrated book "Photoprose II" by Edgar Lee Phillips, 2015
Taught watercolor classes at Van Buren County Library, 2018
Judge, 2013, Earth Day Art, Southside School, Clinton, AR 
Judge, 2007, Ozark Heritage Arts Center, Leslie, AR

Judge, 2006, Shirley Schools, Shirley, AR

Recent free lance articles, illustrations and photographs have appeared in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Little Rock); Ozark Mountaineer; Life in the Ozarks; and other Arkansas newspapers and periodicals.

Taught art at Fairfield High School, Langdon KS, 1974-75

Illustrated for Kansas Fish and Game Magazine, in the 60s and 70s

Wrote and illustrated a weekly humor column “Re:Joyce” in the Pratt Tribune, daily newspaper, in the '70s

Wrote and illustrated a monthly outdoor column “Re:Joyce Afield” in Heartland, outdoor magazine, '70s



 Rock'n'Pine Studio

958 Morningside Rd. N.

Clinton, AR 72031