Art, Wildlife, and Nature in Alaska

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These paintings were done after our recent trip to Alaska. 

"Caribou on the Tundra", about 11" x 14" watercolor; seen at Denali Park,
Mt. McKinley is in the background.

"Backstroke: Sea Otters", small watercolor, SOLD
Exhibited October 2009 at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History (CA) by the Otter Project
These little guys have such dense fur, they ride really high in the water....

"Denali Dawn," about 20" x 30" watercolor, NFS
(I was tempted to paint a big red cherry on top of Mt. McKinley, it's such a magical place...)


"Going with the Floe,"  16" x 12" watercolor

Giclee prints on 16" x 20" archival paper, $65, will fit in standard poster frame

"Grizzly Country," 12" X 24" watercolor, NFS

This photo shows the painting in Bob's hand-made barnwood frame.

"Juneau Lighthouse," watercolor, 5" x 7"

"Fjord," steep rugged rock cliffs with slug-like seals napping at the base,
about 16" x 20" watercolor (note: that is not a pteradactyl in the sky, just a piece of grass that jumped on board when I was photographing's not there anymore, needless to say.)

SOLD: "Mendenhall Glacier," about 16" x 20" watercolor; this well-known glacier
is in Juneau. The bright flowers in the foreground are fireweed. (The purchaser of this original painting lives in Massachusetts, and has visited the glacier...some of their party flew over it and others landed on cool is that?! Oops, pun unintended!....)

SOLD: "Puffin-Daddy," watercolor, shown above framed and below, unframed 

"Resurrection Valley," with fireweed, 5" x 7" watercolor, SOLD

"Salmon Run," 11" x 14" acrylic preserved with tung oil finish

"Glacier Life," sofa-size 28" x 16" watercolor; frigid blue waters are home to whales, seals, otters and more.


"Totem," a wholly imaginary family portrait (mine? yours?), watercolor


"Statendam Views," two 5" x 7" watercolors matted together

Painted while aboard the Holland Line Cruise Ship

"Arctic Moon," 16" x 24",  watercolor, a romantic view of the bright sky and full moon,viewed on ship.

"Trumpeter Swan", watercolor, 15" x 22"; breeds in Alaska, many live in Arkansas for winter.

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