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  "Aspen Grove", Watercolor, 9" x 12"; this painting was done at Silver Gate, Montana, near the east gate of Yellowstone Park. SOLD

"Back in the 50s", Watercolor, 18" x 24", unframed $200.

Although no longer in use, this little building still stands in Clinton, AR. Remember those cheap gas prices and all that friendly service we used to get?

"Bassin' in Choctaw Cove", acrylic, 12" x 24", in the permanent collection of Ozark Health Medical Center. This plein aire painting was done from one of the campsites at Choctaw Recreational Park on Greer's Ferry Lake, at Choctaw Creek where the boaters go into the marina.  
Permanent Collection Ozark Health Medical Center

                                               SOLD  "Buffalo River Bluff", watercolor on paper, unframed,  5"x7".

""Chuckwagon Welcome," Acrylic, 11"x14"; SOLD

This one is sold; I have a similar one 
with "Clinton Chuckwagon Races" painted on the side.

"Danville Pond II," Oil on canvas, 11" x 14"

"Fly Fishing," Watercolor on paper, 9" x 12"

"Foggy Sunset," Oil on canvas, unframed, 11" x 14"; this scene was just down a counhtry road, after a rain; Everything was soft and bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun.

 "Gnome Home", Watercolor on paper, 10" x 14"; Ozark woodlands have many special secret places where gnomes just might live....tread softly!

"Garden Shed," Oil on canvas,  11" x 14". Sometimes our garden has as many wildflowers as vegetables!

SOLD: "Grandpa's Gas," Watercolor, 22" x 30"; along with raising goats and produce, my grandfather had a little gas station in Pevely, MO, where many local farmers filled up and stayed to visit afterwards. Grandchildren often got to pump the gas for a customer. The farm dog always barked to let Grandpa know someone was coming. There was a ramp where mechanics of all skill levels could decide what the car needed.

SOLD: "Gulls Play Musical Chairs, Too",  watercolor on paper, unframed, $65, 9" x 12". Anyone who's visited the Gulf Coast has seen gulls moving in to take over a post. Those in the lowest pecking order have to fly off their post and find another spot. Someone's always getting "bumped."

"Greer's Ferry Lake," Watercolor on paper, unframed, 15" x 22"

SOLD: "Heceta Lighthouse," Mixed Media, 22" x 30". We have wonderful memories of this beautiful beach, nearby campground, tasty mussels that we collected and prepared, and lovely family times....the colors reflect the magic and mystery of this Pacific coast place...

"Old Shirley Bridge," watercolor on paper, unframed, 6" x 8"; this scene shows high water on the Middle Fork of the Little Red River, a furiously fast fun float trip, especially for those who managed NOT to capsize...

SOLD: "Old Homestead", Watercolor, 15" x 22". This old homestead in our neighborhood reminds people how Ozark life was,"back in the day." The owner had just gathered walnuts into colorful fabric bags, which he placed on the porch.

"Indian Rock Cave," Watercolor on paper, unframed, 15" x 22". Visitors to Fairfield Bay's Indian Hills Country Club will know this historic rock formation, thought to be an early home of prehistoric Native Americans.

"Lake View," Watercolor on paper, unframed, 15" x 22"

"Low Water on the Buffalo River," watercolor on paper, unframed, $25, 5" x 7". Sometimes it happens, especially in the Upper Buffalo: the river's too low to float. Wait a while; it'll fill up again and give you a scenic and memorable time.  SOLD

COMMISSIONED: Mural, 14' by 8', for Lone Chimney Taxidermy (that's me standing there in the doorway...the mural is above the wainscoting.) Interestingly, this is the only painting I've ever done that was burned and then bulldozed. The business closed, the building sold, and since I had painted it directly on the wall, it couldn't be removed when the building was demolished to make room for a new business. So this painting exists only in memories.            




"Old Barn", Watercolor on paper, unframed, 15" x 22"

""Painted Bluffs, Buffalo River," Oil on canvas, unframed, 11" x 14"
The rock formations appear like a natural mural
because of the minerals leeched out in seeps.

"River Rocks," Mixed Media on paper,  16" x 22" $200 SOLD

"Shrimp Boat," Watercolor on paper, unframed, 9" x 12" SOLD

"Ski-Doodle," Watercolor on paper, 15" x 22"

"Storm," Watercolor on paper, unframed, 11"x14";  farmers well know the rushed feeling of trying to cut their wheat before torrents of rain
 ruin their harvest.

SOLD: "Sugarloaf Mountain," Watercolor, 15" x 22". Everyone who visits Fairfield Bay or Clinton knows this landmark. It is an island with a  national recreational trail that takes you right to the top, where you can eat lunch on the rocks and be higher than the vultures circling around you.

"Winter Wonderland", watercolor on paper, unframed,  11" x 14"

"Deer at Woodland's Edge," Mixed Media on Masa paper,  11"x 15"