2010 Collection

Experimental....and Ribbon year!

Ribbons from the State Fair (on left) and Van Buren County. Best of Shows are great!
Bottom two paintings are sold...

First place ribbon (mixed media)  in a judged show at Yellville, 
home of the famous Turkey Trot Festival.     SOLD

"Snow Country", small watercolor sketch

"Hooters," 18" x 24" watercolor, illustrating (from left)
the Barred Owl, Barn Owl, Screech Owl, and Great-horned Owl.
The painting illustrated an article about night hiking and was published
 in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and several other newspapers; SOLD

"Ozark Snow", 14" x 18" watercolor. This scene is along U.S. Highway 65 between
Marshall and Clinton

A few small acrylic pieces...4" x 4" canvases and Ozark River Rocks gathered to become works of art 
(and paper weights): shown here are frogs, cows, TX boot, Indian papoose, Welcome...
also paint cats, dogs, skunks, chickens, turtles, snakes, owls, fish, deer, foxes, raccoons, mice; 
you name it, it's been on a River Rock...kids love 'em. $5 to $50

These are all Easter bunnies, painted on rocks from local rivers...

"Wild Turkey"...mixed media...about 18" x 24"...Wild in more than one way.
Media includes watercolor, ink, glitter and mirrors

Canvas bag, dyed with walnut hull dye, painted in acrylic. Daughter Holly owns this.

Canvas bag, dyed with walnut hull dye, painted in acrylic. The other side...She likes herpetology...

Canvas bag, dyed with walnut hull dye, painted in acrylic. Daughter Robin owns this.

Canvas bag, dyed with walnut hull dye, painted in acrylic. The other side...she loves ocean critters...

"Spring in the Ozarks", mixed media, about 15" x 11"

"Reading", charcoal and pencil sketch, about 18" x 24", drawn from life

"Chuckwagon Races", acrylic, about 16" x 20". Clinton is home to the National
Churckwagon Races every Labor Day weekend SOLD

"Woodland Magic," mixed media, about 11" x 15", watercolor, ink, glitter and mirrors. SOLD

"Tabi's Universe", an original acrylic design , showing piano, violin, voice (instruments) 
and musical terms. It was a birthday gift for my daughter's music room, where she gives lessons.

Bob framed the canvas painting with Kansas barnwood.

"Bluegill in Greer's Ferry Lake", watercolor, 12" x 24". Saw this beautifully colored sunfish
while snorkeling. Note the bass in the background. It looks like an aquarium scene. SOLD

"Wild Turkeys", watercolor, about 18" x 24". Saw this flock near an old stone fence along our drive. SOLD

"Woodland Reveries", mixed media. about 22" x 11".  SOLD

"Country Road," sketch painted in walnut hull dye, about 11" x 14".  SOLD

"Outhouse," sketch painted in walnut hull dye, about 11" x 14", $50


Pick up some walnuts in the fall. Remove husks if you can, but not really necessary.
Add enough water to cover, and  some rusty nails; boil until dark in color, then cool.
Strain through cheesecloth and pour into a jug for use.  (That is what I did.)
Or you can just put them into a rain barrel and let sit, according to some old-timers;
dip out what you need when you need it. 
You can use it to paint pictures, color your hair, or dye fabric (wash to remove sizing first).
Check the Internet for more recipes. 

"Being Flaky," watercolor, about 14" x 6", SOLD.
Who doesn't like to catch snowflakes on their tongue?!

"Snow Tales," watercolor, about 18" x 24".
Our coon hound and squirrel dog are "reading their morning newspaper". SOLD

"Santa Gourd", painted in acrylic and sealed. Just a good "natural" Christmas decoration. SOLD

More gourds...these are bird houses (on the left) and a Santa decoration. 
These houses' holes are sized and drilled for Carolina Wrens, common in the Ozarks
where we live; House Wren holes are smaller. Bird house gourds are fitted with short dowels and hangers and can be hung outdoors under eaves and in other protected areas. "For wrent, cheep!"

I painted more than a ton of rocks this year and in 2011: locally quarried sandstone tree identification markers.
Each stone was hand-selected, cleaned, painted in outdoor acrylic, and sealed. 
All 65 are placed by their respective trees at South Fork Nature Center (in Choctaw) on walking trails. 

"Reading ROCKS"! Watercolor, donated to Central AR Literacy Assn.  SOLD

"Being a Mom", Watercolor, about 16" x 20". Inspired by my granddaughter
reading to her daughter...one of the most important things a parent can do. SOLD

"On the Reef", watercolor and ink, about 9" x 12". 

"Octopus," watercolor and ink, about 11" x 15" SOLD

SOLD: "Nemo's Neighbors," mixed media, about 20" x 24", Arkansas State Fair Best of Show mixed media painting 2010; prize-winner in several other shows.
Texture and collage with mirrors and glitter enhance the watercolor study of undersea life

Daughter Tabitha teaches piano and violin; she asked me to do this decorative acrylic
painting on metal to hang from her mailbox.

"Manatee Musketeers", watercolor, 15" x 11", selected in MSW juried show at El Dorado 2010
(The judge said they were smiling...)  SOLD

"Hip Hip Hooray", watercolor, 15" x 9"

"Ginger," done for daughter Robin; her dogs are all very special!
This was an 8" x 10" drawing on scratchboard, enhanced with colored ink,
from her photograph.

"Greer's Ferry Lake Fishermen," watercolor on 300-lb. paper, about 9" square

"It's Fun Being a Flatfish," a mixed media departure piece painted just for fun, using watercolor, ink, glitter, and mirrors, about 15" x 11" on watercolor board

"Blazing Sky," watercolor, about 11" x 15". Aurora borealis views are spectacular! 

"Crabby", mixed media, 11" x 15". Watercolor, ink, glitter, mirrors  SOLD

"Earth Changed Forever," acrylic, 8" x 10"

More ribbons... SOLD

And even more ribbons!  SOLD

"Brittle Star," watercolor and ink, 15" x 11", selected for MSW juried show, El Dorado, 2010

"Blue Teal," framed, image about 9" x 12", watercolor; frame 16" x 20".
This is more realistic and representational than most of my paintings this year

"High Society", watercolor, 11" x 15".  These loose women are just fun to do!  SOLD

"Snowy Snowy Night," watercolor, 9" x 12"